An Invitation 
An Invocation

Colored Girls Museum, Philadelphia, PA

(Also see the permenant installation: "Meditation" 2008. 

Mixed media handmade paper with inclusions, mounted onto antique wood rod. 46"H x 47"W (Vestures Series) on loan from the William Jiggetts Collection)

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Solo Exhibit

"Collective Memories"

NICO'S - New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey

January - May 2024 Opening reception 

Mon. Mar 11, 2024 6-8 pm

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Art In The Atrium


32nd Annual Exhibition WOW Women's Outstanding Works 

Atrium Gallery, Morristown, New Jersey, 

May - September 2024. Opening Reception Juneteenth TBA

Emma Darnell Aviation Museum & Conference Center Atlanta, GA

Dec 24 - Jan 2025, 

Details TBA 



ARTWORK: Details from installation, 

Transatlantic Crossing 2023,

 Installation. Mixed  media handmade paper and vintage textiles with mirrors, 6' H x 3' W.

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